We know that pursuing higher education is hard but understand that life is harder. We also know that strong and resilient low-income students as well as small businesses with significantly lower economies of scale both find a way to overcome their challenges if they are given a chance. We are in the business of giving a chance, informed by our rich Ghanaian roots and values. We are open to work with corporate and individual entities that share our vision in this space. 

During the day of giving, we’ll be posting video and social media messages from students and businesses introducing matching donations, hearing congratulations from our supports and spotlighting our amazing sponsors.

Our History


EST 2020

Established in the spring of 2020, The Adoo Family Foundation (TAFF) aims to carry on some of Dr. Yaw Amponsah Adoo’s most ardent commitments: education; mentorship and scholarship opportunity; business engagement and access; and equity and enrichment for persons with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities in Ghana and generally in Africa. Education is key to success in life. The dream of organizations is to add value to its outcomes and shape the future by enriching the abilities of communities. EMCLLC provides the nexus to make this dream come true.

As a limited liability consulting company that provides quality services to businesses and governments around the world, we offer a global network of professional consulting services using research-proven best practices and practical solutions to achieve satisfying results and excellence in business management, education, and public policy. We conduct research and recommend innovative solutions aimed at business strategy, training, and development that yield strategic edge for our clients. Success in education and management mean everything to us.

Our Partners