The Adoo Family Foundation

The Adoo Family Foundation is at the heart of Education & Management Consulting, LLC. (EMCLLC). The vision of EMCLLC is to add value to organizations’ outcomes and shape the future by enriching the abilities of communities. EMCLLC’s mission is to be the global network of professional services by investing in organizations and communities through education, business management, and public policy. EMCLLC was founded to do the following; provide innovative organizational development solutions to business needs and advocate public support for organizations and communities.


The Adoo Family Foundation scholarship program is two-tier. The first-tier scholarship – The Adoo Family “I am First” Scholarship Program – is a selective two-year, post-college scholarship for high-performing low-income graduate students with financial need. It provides comprehensive academic and career advising, as well as financial support for school, research-sponsored summer programs, internships, and other learning enrichment opportunities for students that are first in their family to pursue graduate education in business. A team of academic and business stakeholder mentors shall support graduates to maximize graduate school experiences and to go on to thrive within the business community in Ghana and the rest of the world.

Our programming and support may include; Identifying an appropriately rigorous private university in Ghana; and Engaging in 2-year planning and goal setting
Funding for academic opportunities, such as, but not limited to, application fees to apply to the university; testing fees to submit standardized test scores; work samples; textbooks and computers; and networking opportunities with a high-achieving peer community.

The second-tier scholarship – The Adoo Family Outstanding Business Faculty Scholarship – is made possible by a gift from friends and colleagues of Yaw Amponsah Adoo. The award shall recognize a faculty member who has made the most outstanding contributions in recognition for strong campus leadership and pioneering teaching methodology. Nominations may be made by senior honors students, faculty, and department chairs or other academic administrators.

The Yaw Amponsah Adoo Advocacy Hero Award for Distinguished Organization shall recognize an organization that demonstrates the most outstanding contributions towards solving graduate youth unemployment for persons with disabilities in Ghana. Awarded organization shall be deemed the coveted “Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion” title. EMCLLC is proud to introduce this award as the premier source for people with disabilities to search and land professional careers with leading employers that receive our endorsement. The award is intended to attract Ghana’s leading companies, agencies, programs, and service organizations to find qualified and diverse candidates with disabilities.

The award shall reward and celebrate illustrious young decision-makers who have distinguished themselves as entrepreneurs and who are sources of pride and give the image of a successful Ghana. The Adoo Foundation shall acknowledge hard work that constitutes a moment of relationship and networking of the decision makers of all the activity sectors constituting the driving force and the energy of Ghanaian entrepreneurship, marking a new turning point in doing business in Ghana.

Dedicated to the memory of Eustace Takyi Adoo, a young enterprising leader in his own right, this award is dedicated to achievers, super achievers, and future business leaders in Ghana. The award will highlight, recognize, and reward the ability of young entrepreneurs to steer their businesses through turbulent times, applying the best of business modules to manage and keep their missions afloat.

Over 20 categories shall recognize the achievements made by selected high profile corporate business leaders in Ghana and honor their great contributions towards the country’s post-COVID-19 economic development. All the exemplary leaders will be mentioned of their impeccable leadership qualities deeming it fit into nation building.

The Lindsay Agbetorwoka Mentorship Award shall recognize high-performing tutors with financial need that excelled at mentoring others in achieving their career objectives through moral, social, and intellectual support at a selected business school or department of a private college and/or university in Ghana.

Moral support shall include genuinely caring about the well-being and development of mentees, such as providing encouragement through difficult times, helping maintain self-efficacy, providing perspective or specific career/work strategies, and investing in scarce mental energy in the service of mentees.

Social support shall include helping mentees develop a professional network that allow them to be successful, such as introducing mentees to others, writing reference letters, suggesting them as co-authors/reviewers/editors, and investing in scarce social capital in the service of mentees.

Intellectual support includes helping mentees develop ideas constructively, such as by brainstorming, offering a sounding board, suggesting a diverse perspective, providing feedback, and investing scarce intellectual capital in the service of mentees.

Our History


TAFF was established on February 1, 2021 in Georgia as The Adoo Family Foundation, Inc. as a Foreign Nonprofit Corporation. It is registered with the Registrar General Department in Ghana on February 26, 2021 as The Adoo Family Foundation, LBG.
The Adoo Family Foundation (TAFF) aims to carry on some of Dr. Yaw Amponsah Adoo’s most ardent commitments: education; mentorship and scholarship opportunity; business engagement and access; and equity and enrichment for persons with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities in Ghana and generally in Africa.

Education is key to success in life. The dream of organizations is to add value to its outcomes and shape the future by enriching the abilities of communities. EMCLLC provides the nexus to make this dream come true.

As a limited liability consulting company that provides quality services to businesses and governments around the world, we offer a global network of professional consulting services using research-proven best practices and practical solutions to achieve satisfying results and excellence in business management, education, and public policy. We conduct research and recommend innovative solutions aimed at business strategy, training, and development that yield strategic edge for our clients. Success in education and management mean everything to us.